1000-Watt Voltage Stabilizer and Line Conditioner (VS-2410)

$ 199.99 $ 249.99

Get the power you need through brownouts, over voltages, surges, and spikes.

  • Offers 220–240 volts of steady power
  • Smooths drops and spikes in voltage from 168 to 278 volts
  • Includes 340 joules of surge suppression
  • CE-approved
  • Guaranteed for 120% of stated wattage

Lightning, voltage spikes, and brownouts can destroy your electronics in seconds. Protect your devices with a voltage stabilizer from ACUPWR. The VS-2410 uses a transformer-based voltage correction circuit to deliver 220–240 volts of nominal AC output through surges and brownouts, withstanding drops to 168 volts and spikes up to 278 volts. It also serves as a line conditioner, filtering out the ripples and voltage fluctuations typical to AC power. For added peace of mind, each voltage stabilizer includes LED lights to show surge protection status, line fault condition, and the incoming voltage level. If you live or work in countries with frequent electrical problems like India, Pakistan, and the Dubai state of the U.A.E., the VS-2410 can guarantee you years of safe and worry-free power. Order yours today!

  • Made for home, commercial, and industrial use
  • Made for AC current
  • Choose your cord and plug type


  • Two NEMA 5-15R inputs
  • Two IEC-320 C13 inputs
  • One IEC-320 C14 receptacle

Available Plugs:

  • Type F
  • Type G
  • Type I
  • Type M
  • Type J
  • Type D
  • Type H
  • Type L
  • Type K
  • Type B

Check out our guide on plug types to learn what kind you need for your country, and explore our wattage recommendations to find the right power converter for your needs.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review