2000-Watt Voltage Stabilizer and Line Conditioner (VS-2420)

$ 299.99 $ 399.99


Supply years of safe, worry-free power to your appliances.

  • Provides 220–240 volts of steady power
  • Handles spikes and drops in voltage from 168 to 278 volts
  • Offers 340 joules of surge suppression
  • CE-approved

Voltage spikes and brownouts can be very common in countries with 220–240-volt power standards. With an ACUPWR voltage stabilizer, you can experience steady power and protect your appliances! The VS-2420 can handle dips and surges in power to ensure that your appliances, from microwaves to computers and copier machines, can operate effectively and avoid damage. It also functions as a line conditioner, filtering out the ripples and fluctuations in any AC current. Ensure effective power in your home with a voltage stabilizer from ACUPWR!

  • AC power only
  • Made for home, commercial, and industrial use
  • Output: two IEC-320 C13 outputs
  • Input: two NEMA Type B receptacles
  • Includes IEC-320 C14 input and user-selected plug

Available Plugs:

  • Type F
  • Type G
  • Type I
  • Type M
  • Type J
  • Type D
  • Type H
  • Type L
  • Type K
  • Type B

Make sure you order the right item for your needs with ACUPWR’s plug type guide and wattage recommendations!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review