2400 Watt 110-127 Volts Voltage Stabilizer/Line Conditioner VS-1024

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Product Description

VoltConnect VS-1024 voltage stabilizer/line conditioner ensures that your 110-127 volt appliances will be receiving a steady line voltage through brownouts, over voltages, and transient surges and spikes.

  • For use in countries using the 110-127 volt standard
  • Rated at 2400 watts
  • CE approved
  • Provides steady 110-127 volts during voltage drops and spikes from 68 to 158 volts
  • 340 joules of surge suppression
  • LEDs showing status of incoming voltage level, surge protection, and line fault condition
  • Bench tested for quality assurance and years of reliability
  • Made for home, commercial, and industrial use

The VS-1024 uses a transformer-based voltage correction circuit that will deliver usable 110-127 volts of nominal AC output during brownouts as low as 68 volts and over-voltage surges as high as 158 volts, and 340 joules of surge suppression. Whether it’s lightning or a spike in line voltage or a brownout, your valued appliances and electronic devices can get destroyed in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the VS-1024 also serves double duty as a line conditioner, filtering out the ripples and voltage fluctuations that typically happen in AC current. Ultimately, putting the VS-1024 between your AC mains and appliances will guarantee years of safe, worry-free performance from your appliances. 

This model can accommodate appliances that are rated for up to 2400-watts, supplying steady power to products that include computers, copier machines, room A/Cs, and microwave ovens. The VS-1024 also has LEDs that show incoming voltage level, surge protection status, and line fault condition.

Each unit is hand-assembled in our factory and bench-tested to ensure years of dependability and safely maintained line voltage.

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