ACUPWR IEC C13 Power Cords for Worldwide Use

$ 14.99 $ 29.99


ACUPWR’s IEC C13-compatible power cord is rated for 100-240-volt, 50 or 60 Hz current with a maximum of 15 amps. These excellently-made power cords use 16AWG gauge wiring and feature a C14 receptacle for use with an IEC C13 outlet, and your choice of output plug type for compatibility with power receptacles used throughout the world.


Available plug type options for our IEC power cords are: Type M (South Africa), Type G BS-1363 fuse-equipped (United Kingdom), Type F Schuko (Europe and other 220-240-volt countries), Type B (United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan), Type I (Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China), and Type J (Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Rwanda). Customers chose their desired power cord using the menu options above. If you’re unsure of the plug shape in the country you’ll be using the transformer in, please refer to our plug chart.


Wherever you are in the world, let ACUPWR’s IEC power cords make the international connection.