Only ACUPWR has the Tru-Watts ™!

Tru-Watts ™ is our way of saying that ACUPWR transformers will absolutely deliver converted AC power at the exact wattage load that they are rated for. In fact, our transformers work safely at 20-percent beyond their stated wattage rating, ensuring that during a voltage spike or wattage overload, an ACUPWR transformer will never break down or create a hazardous situation.


Why are we mentioning this when, after all, it should be the case that if a consumer product says it will deliver something, it will without question? But unfortunately that’s not the case with our competition. Nearly all are manufactured in Asia with cheap parts and poor build quality. As a result, they often begin to smoke even when the attached load is under the stated wattage maximum. With an ACUPWR Tru-Watts ™ transformer you can rest assured that the AC power for your appliance will be at the exact wattage it requires. We attribute this capability to our thermal protection sensor—a vital feature in our transformers that automatically turns the unit off when it overheats and thus ensuring that it will never burn out or catch on fire the way our competition often does.


It’s interesting to note that the manufacturers and importers of the Asian-made transformers suggest buying transformer that is 2 or 3 times the wattage that you actually require (a common rule-of- thumb known as the “Two-Times the Wattage” rule. In other words, if your Japanese rice machine requires 300 watts of AC power, you should buy a transformer that is rated for 600- or 900-watt capability. The logic being that because their transformers are inefficient and unsafe at their stated wattage capability, you should get something larger just in case! Really?


Know that with an ACUPWR step up and step down voltage transformer, when we say 500 watts you’ll be getting 500 watts and 20-percent more. So there’s no need for the “Two-Times the Wattage” rule.


That’s ACUPWR Tru-Watts.™