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Tested to Absolute Perfection

Tested to Absolute Perfection 0

You may have heard that each and every individual ACUPWR transformer is tested to work up to 20% more wattage before it is shipped out of our warehouse. But you should also know that the gamut of performance and safety tests that a transformer has to pass before reaching your home doesn't end there.

Here are some of the other things that every one of our transformers will go through:

  • The output voltage is measured to be within the range that the transformer is meant for and that said specified voltage range is able to be sustained indefinitely safely.
  • The transformer's exciting current, the amount of amperes needed to overcome the steel core's internal resistance and actually power up the transformer, is tested to make sure it meets our safety and efficiency criteria.
  • A Dieletric Withstand Test (also known as a Hipot Test) -- a high-voltage test meant to ensure that users cannot get shocked or otherwise harmed while the transformer is within its proper usage terms -- is performed.
  • The transformer coils are tested to ensure their DC resistance meets our standards.
  • We ensure that the wattage loss of the transformer is within our specific standards. Many lower-end transformers will perform hotter than our units and with an audible hum. Because of our choice of materials (the laminated steel plates in the transformer core, for example), our transformers are able to run cooler and quieter than anything else on the market.
  • We also test the ground resistance of the transformer to ensure that it complies with National Electrical Code's requirements.

We carry out these variety of tests because we care deeply about the performance of each unit before we put our name to it. You will not find any of those extensive examinations performed on cheap, Asian-made transformers. Such units are designed to be pumped out of factory floors and into a buyer's hands as quickly as possible. The companies making and selling those units give little regard to safety or efficiency standards because they do not care if their unit will stand the test of time.

The result? A cheap, inefficient transformer that poses a danger to your safety and property.

Only ACUPWR transformers pass every examination with flying colors. Only ACUPWR transformers are tested to their absolute perfection.

  • Miguel Flores
Choice of voltage on the go: ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter

Choice of voltage on the go: ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter 0

A car inverter is a great item to have for bringing the comfort and convenience of your favorite appliances on long road trips away from home. 

And with a universal plug receptacle and the choice of either 120V or 220V power, ACUPWR's 350-Watt Car Travel Inverter is the perfect tool for using your electronics, no no matter what country you are in, within the luxury of a car. Simply plug the car inverter into your car's cigarette lighter, select either 120V or 220V power on the slider, and you are good to go!

Everything from small TV's, game systems, laptops, and hair dryers can work with the Car Travel Inverter (provided they use no more than 350-watts and are safe to use within a vehicle). And most importantly, because you can choose which voltage standard setting you want to use, ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter gives you a higher range of possible appliances to use than pretty much anything else on the market. Add in ACUPWR's amazing safety standards and our lifetime warranty to the package, and you have yourself an outstanding, reliable product you know you can always depend on.

Do you want to set-up small kitchen appliances while camping out in the woods? Do you want to entertain the kids with a television on the road? Do you need to have your laptop charged and ready to go the moment you step out of your vehicle? Well, you certainly can have all that with our car inverter!

Take a look at the amazon reviews of cheaper, lower-end car inverters and you will realize that units randomly breaking down is not uncommon. And that sudden failure can really put a painful nail of inconvenience while you are a long way from home and were counting on your car inverter the most. ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter comes with the safety standards and reliability one comes to expect from our brand.

It is the perfect product for camping, long road trips (domestic or abroad!), or keeping the kids entertained on long drives. Wherever you go, bring your choice of voltage with you too! 

  • Miguel Flores
A Lifetime Commitment: More About Our Lifetime Warranty

A Lifetime Commitment: More About Our Lifetime Warranty 0

Reliability is what separates an ACUPWR unit from those of our competitors.

The unfortunate truth is that the industry is currently inundated with cheap units that are known to fail within their supposed wattage capacity – and possibly harming you, your loved ones, your property, or home.

We understand that when you buy anything from a company you are placing your trust in them that they will deliver something you can count on. Sadly, accidents dealing with a home’s electricity system, even fatal ones, are not uncommon. 

When you buy something from a company that deals with wiring, electric power, and voltages, you are trusting on said company to have taken the necessary precautions and safety standards to ensure the safety of their product. 

Other companies take that trust with a grain of a salt. All they care about is pumping out as many units as cheaply as is possible. 

But to us here in ACUPWR, that trust you place in us is special and of utmost consideration. It means we should do everything in our power to make sure our products go above and beyond your expectations. It means we load up our transformers with the most advanced safety features available. It means we should be ready to support you with any issues or questions you may have with using our products. It quite simply means we will reciprocate your trust with our commitment.

Our lifetime warranty is a show of that commitment to you, the customer. 

When you buy an ACUPWR unit, you can be sure that it will last you a lifetime. And if it doesn’t, then we have an amazing customer and technical support staff that can ensure any and all issues are resolved. 

That is the ACUPWR guarantee.

  • Miguel Flores
The Perfect Product for the Techy Globe-Trotter: The Global Surge Protector

The Perfect Product for the Techy Globe-Trotter: The Global Surge Protector 0

When we say “Global” in Global Surge Protector, we mean it. Doesn’t matter what plug types, or combination of plug types, you want powered, the global surge protector can take it.

Want an American Type B plug type appliance running next to an Italian Type L?
Go for it.

The ACUPWR Global Surge Protector’s 6 universal plugs can take any standard appliance plug type from the world…and will protect each and every one of your electronics for up to 750 joules too! Choose the Global Kit model and you’ll be able to use the surge protector from anywhere in the world! Or take the standard model with just the cord that you need for your home country.

Whether you own a business that needs a worldwide range of appliances, are constantly relocating to new countries for government or business work, are have simply picked up a wide range of different appliances from around the world in your travels, you can be sure you can trust to use each and every one of those appliances with an ACUPWR surge protector.

 Just make sure to use the proper voltage transformer or converter if your country’s voltage does not match that of the appliance you want to use! For more information on that, go check out our guide for choosing a transformer.

  • Miguel Flores
Quality saves you MONEY – Why ACUPWR transformers are always the better deal

Quality saves you MONEY – Why ACUPWR transformers are always the better deal 0

If you are budget-conscious, the higher initial price of ACUPWR transformers might point your attention to the direction of cheaper options. Well, then I’m happy to tell you that over the course of time, ACUPWR is actually the more economical choice!


Well, there’s two words to consider: power consumption.

ACUPWR transformers are designed and manufactured to work safely and extremely efficiently – our units use a negligible amount of power when nothing is plugged in and, when in use, convert voltage for your precious appliances in the most competent way possible. 

Those cheap transformers? They weren’t designed with your safety, electrical bill, or power efficiency in mind. They use a very real amount of electricity when idle and, because of cheap, rushed engineering, tend to convert voltage in a notably unproductive way. Power consumption is an important factor to consider when calculating the price of a voltage transformer. If you are not careful with your choice, you may very well end up paying a lot more in the long run for a unit made from cheaper materials and design.

That’s not even mentioning the cost it takes to replace those cheap black box units. And you might be replacing them a lot, as they are known to break down, and sometimes even explode, even when used within their supposed wattage capacity.

And remember, only ACUPWR has True-Watts, our promise to you that the transformer that you get is good up to the wattage level that it says on the box. Those other companies? Their units are so unreliable, they can’t themselves trust it to work up to their stated wattage. They’ll try and convince you to go buy a unit with up to twice the wattage capacity of what your appliances actually need. With an ACUPWR unit you only have to pay up to the wattage capacity that you need!

Here are some other advantages that ACUPWR transformers have that make them the top choice for your wallet:

  • Peace of mind that your appliances and property are protected. Our units are outfitted with high-quality components like copper wiring and thermal protection circuitry to ensure that our units will never catch fire or damage your appliances.
  • A lifetime warranty. We guarantee you that our transformers will last a lifetime, so you never have to pay for a replacement! Those cheap transformers certainly can’t promise you their unit will not break down on you.
  • $10,000 damage protection. If anything does happen to go wrong, and trust us, this is a spectacular rarity, we will cover up to $10,000 of appliance damage caused by a properly used ACUPWR voltage transformer unit.
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support. We are committed to each and every unit that we make. Wherever you are, whatever time you need us, we are prepared to answer any questions or issues you may have about using our units.
When it comes to quality, safety, and cost efficiency, ACUPWR is always the top choice.
  • Miguel Flores

International Kitchens and ACUPWR 0

Kitchens, whether they’re commercial or domestic, professional or amateur, seen on TV or not seen on TV…they’re often populated with food prep appliances that don’t seem like they were bought at the local Sears. Actually, either by necessity or choice, gourmand’s use imported kitchen appliances. Examples include the famous Zonjirishi rice maker, and the Japanese market only Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread maker, or the electric Takoyaki machine for making those delicious Japanese pie pancakes


Everybody needs to eat, and kitchen appliances around he world cater to local cuisines and recipes. But when local cuisines go international—such as when a certain ethnic restaurant pops up in a faraway urban metropolis—that equipment often shows up in the kitchen. And of course the caveat here is voltage; Japanese-market items require 100 volts. Appliances for use in Mexico and regions in Brazil often require 127-volt power.


The ideal work-around for using exotic, imported kitchen gadgets that require an “overseas” voltage standard—whether it’s 100, 110-120, 127, or 220-240 volts—is an ACUPWR voltage transformer. They’re world renowned for safety features such as fuseless thermal protection technology and the ability to work safely at 20% beyond the stated wattage. Plus, a lifetime warranty and $10,000 in damage protection make us the best choice for your international kitchen.
  • Mike Bieber