ACUPWR's line of Power Cables include dryer cables and IEC C13 power cords, both designed in the USA quality, safety and reliability.

  • Dryer cables are available in 3-wire (with a NEMA 10-30P plug) and 4-wire (with a NEMA 14-30 plug) versions. Both feature 12-gauge copper wiring for maximum conductivity and power transfer, and can handle of 30 amps/125-250 volts maximum power. A 10-foot cord provides adequate distance between the wall outlet and the appliance. Ring eyelet terminals maintain a secure connection with the appliance. ACUPWR recommends hiring a licensed electrician for installation of this product.
  • ACUPWR's IEC C13-compatible power cords are available with your choice of plug type and a C14 connector for interfacing with the C13 receptacle. These cords measure 6' in length and they are manufactured with PVC-coated IEC 53 cable. Capable of maximum 10 amps and 250-volt AC and available with plug types that include Type F Schuko, Type G, Type I, Type M, Type D, Type H, Type L, Type K, Type J, and Type B plugs.


Power Cables

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