The ACUPWR Papers

About our Lifetime Warranty and Damage Coverage

Another way ACUPWR stands out from the pack is with our customer support. All of our voltage transformers and converters are backed up with a lifetime warranty so even ten or twenty years down the road, if your ACUPWR transformer stops working—and you have been using it continuously at or below it’s wattage load capability as we recommend—we will fix or replace it free of charge.

Other voltage transformer/converter makers don’t go on a limb like us; if they did, they’d be fixing their products all day. We offer a lifetime warranty because we can afford to and because, frankly, ACUPWR transformers rarely break down. Chinese-made models are notorious for catching on fire when overloaded—it’s the reason they recommend you buy a transformer with two or three times the wattage you really need. If you need to power a 500-watt appliance, you’re supposed to buy a 1500-watt transformer because, frankly, they’re cheaply made and thus require that extra headroom.

ACUPWR voltage transformers use thermal protection and shut down automatically when excessive heat is detected. You can buy one of our transformers for the exact voltage and wattage requirement you need and not worry about burning down the house, or taking down all your appliances connected to the transformer. It’s likely never to happen, but if for some reason an ACUPWR does not deliver its stated wattage and your appliances are damaged or ruined, we offer $10,000 in damage protection.*

We’ve never had to pony up any money for damage protection and rarely have to honor our lifetime warranty. That’s how confident we are about our voltage transformers. 

*For AU, AUD, AD, ASJD, AJSU, AJU, AJD, ADC, AUC, AUDH, ADUW, ADB, and ADF models only.

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