ACUPWR is the world’s leading manufacturer of voltage transformer converters. Since its founding in 1978, our company’s mission has been to manufacture products of superior quality that hold up over time while meeting rigorous safety standards.

The key difference between ACUPWR transformers/converters and other brands has everything to do with American-made quality using the best available components, and our guarantee of safety and reliability. Our company is growing, thanks largely to consumer awareness of safety concerns, not to mention the fact that we’re an American company and our products are made right here!


  • Represent the best transformer/voltage converter and related products available
  • Sales are growing, thanks to ACUPWR’s increasing brand recognition and reputation for safety, quality, and reliability


  • Transformers/Converters are hand-assembled in USA
  • Bench tested at full load before leaving factory
  • Comes with lifetime warranty and, for higher-wattage models, up to $10,000 damage coverage
  • We make a large selection of voltage transformer/converters for use throughout the world, including step up, step down, combination step up/step down, whole home types and fridge/cooling device special transformers.
  • CTOC models designed for thermal protection and automatic shutoff when overloaded
  • Plug adaptors available for every plug shape used in the world
  • ACUPWR products are trusted by military, NASA, and government agencies
  • Made for home, commercial, and industrial use
  • Many models are UL certified