Designed for 100 to 240-volt AC, ACUPWR Global Surge Protectors feature six right-angled universal outputs that can handle nearly every plug shape used worldwide and — depending on the surge protector model — a choice of Type B, D, F, G, I, and J input plug shapes or a plug kit containing attachments for major plug types used throughout the globe. Our universal surge protectors are safe for up to 750 joules, and they’re ideal for protecting sensitive electronics (including computers, video game systems, and home theater equipment) from harmful voltage spikes and surges. All of our electrical adapters come with a lifetime warranty.

Global Surge Protectors - 750 Joules, max protection for your electronics/appliances

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Global Surge Protector - ACUPWR Worldwide Kit - ACUPWR USA
Global Surge Protector - ACUPWR Worldwide Kit

Global Surge Protector

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