Who is UL?

Underwriters Laboratories, better known as UL, has existed since 1894 for the express purpose of “promoting safe living and working environments.” UL provides a diverse range of important services, including the establishment of safety and environmental standards, codes, and requirements.

What Does a UL Certification Mean?

Many manufacturers seek UL approval for their products. UL approval means that their goods have been tested and successfully met UL’s benchmarks for safety and quality. According to UL, the typical American home has an average of 125 products bearing the familiar UL stamp of approval – a U and L in a circle – in a visible place. You’ve seen plenty of them, we’re sure.

One place you won’t find the UL stamp is on cheap, Chinese-manufactured voltage converters that are built with inferior components, such as aluminum wire. These products are notorious for catching fire – even exploding – when confronted with wattage and amperage loads they can’t handle. They are pushed out of the factory as quickly and cheaply as is possible, without consideration for the rigorous safety standards that any electrical unit inside your home should have.

ACUPWR Products 

Currently, a handful of ACUPWR power converters, including many of our AD step down models, have met UL approval while the remainder of our line is presently undergoing compliance testing.

Ultimately, having UL approval for all of ACUPWR products simply confirms what you already know: that when you choose ACUPWR, you’re getting the safest, best made, most reliable, and longest lasting voltage transformer around… Get an international power converter that was made in the U.S.A., fully inspected, and bench tested at full load before leaving the factory. Find the ACUPWR product for you today!

UL-approved ACUPWR appliances include:

  • AD-1000 CTOC
  • AD-1500 CTOC
  • AD-500 CTOC
  • AD-750 CTOC
  • ADAN-1000 CTOC
  • ADAN-1500 CTOC
  • ADAT-1000 CTOC
  • ADAT-1500 CTOC
  • ADB-1000 CTOC
  • ADB-1500 CTOC
  • ADB-500 CTOC
  • ADB-750 CTOC
  • ADF-1000 CTOC
  • ADF-1500 CTOC
  • ADF-500 CTOC
  • ADF-750 CTOC
  • ADIC14-1000 CTOC
  • ADIC14-1500 CTOC
  • ADICH14-1000 CTOC
  • ADICH14-1500 CTOC
  • ADIT-1000 CTOC
  • ADIT-1500 CTOC
  • ADOB-1000 CTOC
  • ADOB-1500 CTOC
  • ADSW-1000 CTOC
  • ADSW-1500 CTOC
  • ADULSB-1500 CTOC
  • ADULSF-1500 CTOC
  • ADULSIC14-1500 CTOC
  • ADULSICH14-1500 CTOC
  • ADULSS-1500 CTOC

  • Each model was evaluated for compliance with IEC Publication 989.
    ACUPWR UL File number: E479623