What You Need to Know

Can I use any voltage transformer for my refrigerator, freezer, or cooler appliance?

The fact that this article exists should indicate the answer: no.

Refrigerators and other cooling appliances are beholden to another, lesser-known factor in the electrical equation: AC line frequency. You can check out our blog to learn more about AC line frequency, but the important thing to know is that it differs from country to country. In countries that use 110–120 voltage, for example, you can expect the AC frequency to be 60 hertz. Countries with a 220–240-volt power standard, on the other hand, have an AC frequency of 50 hertz.







Why AC Line Frequency Matters

With appliances such as refrigerators, wine coolers, freezers, and washers/dryers, there's an "X" factor that comes with the dependence on large motors that make these devices work. Motors built for 50 hertz must be used with 50-hertz electricity, and so on.

When used with the incorrect AC frequency, your appliances will perform inefficiently and eventually burn out, along with the appliance's electronic components. For example, using a refrigerator rated for 60 hertz through with a 50 hertz electrical line will result in the motor running faster and less efficiently. The opposite holds true when using a 50 Hz motor with 60-hertz electricity. In both situations, you are shortening the lifespan of your appliance, sometimes drastically.

Why ACUPWR Works

ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ AUC and ADC models are specially designed for use with large motors and the appliances that use them. They convert voltage from 110–120 volts to 220–240 volts and from 220–240 volts to 110–120 volts, respectively. We solved the AC frequency dilemma in a unique way by supplying additional power – in the case of the AUC models – or reduced power in the case of the ADC models. That allows large motors to turn at the precise revolutions per minute (RPMs) for which they were built. The motor behaves as if the AC frequency were precise, thus preventing inefficient operation and burnout.

Get Your ACUPWR Voltage Transformer Today

When you’re ready to buy a high voltage transformer, remember that ACUPWR builds the best. Our international power converters are manufactured here in the U.S. using premium components and engineering standards.

Have you heard of the rule where you need to find a power converter with two times the wattage that you actually need? You can forget it with ACUPWR. All our Tru-Watts™ products are guaranteed for 120% of their posted wattage, so you can get exactly what you need. Every transformer also comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as ACUPWR’s exceptional customer service and technical support.

Find the Right Converter For You

There’s a basic rule to keep in mind when searching for the right refrigeration voltage transformer model. Simply put, the bigger your refrigerator (as measured by cubic feet of interior space), the more wattage the unit will require.

ACUPWR offers the AUC and ADC models in six different wattages. Follow the chart above to find the right model for your cooling system, or contact ACUPWR today for an expert opinion!