Step Down - Use 100-Volt appliances in USA, Canada and other 115-Volt countries

Go ahead! Bring your 100-volt Panasonic bread maker or Luxman amplifier in the USA, Canada, and other 115-volt countries and use it safely.

Features include…

  • Tru-Watt™ technology means no need for the “Two-Times the Wattage” rule. ACUPWR AJD models work precisely at their stated wattage and 20-percent beyond (when absolutely necessary)
  • Thermal protection circuitry means no fuses! AJD models automatically turn off when overloaded; the AJD automatically returns to power when it returns to normal temperature

Please check your outlet voltage, and according to that you can select either AJD or AJD25 model.

(AJD) Input: 115V Output: 100V and (AJD25) Input: 125V Output: 100V

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