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At ACUPWR, we like to brag about our superb customer service because it’s one of the things we do best besides making a superb product. Our accessibility for customers is a huge part of the ACUPWR difference.

We don’t often hear from our customers because ACUPWR’s voltage transformers are renowned for being safe, reliable, and long-lasting: they rarely break down and we almost never hear complaints about them. Yet people will contact us with questions about wattage, compatibility, and what size transformer is most suitable for their particular appliance or living situation. Or they might have a technical question of some sort. We also have people reaching out to say “Thank you.” Whatever your question or concern is, we encourage you to call, email, or live-chat with us. 

To stay on top of our game, we read reviews from buyers of cheaply made, poor-quality Chinese voltage transformers/converters that break down well before plugged-in appliance is anywhere near the unit’s stated wattage capability. In many cases, they catch on fire and damage their surroundings. Customers will then attempt to reach the manufacturer about their warranty but without success. Fact is, Chinese voltage transformers all look alike for a reason; despite myriad brand names like Rockstone or ELC or VTC or Power Bright, and Seven Star, these products are made generically by one or two companies, particularly Goldsource. There’s no warranty information in their shipping boxes since you’re supposed to use the online marketplace it was purchased from as an intermediary. In the end, all that’s left is a broken-down, Chinese voltage transformer.

It’s never fun reading these reviews but it only motivates us to be accessible and available to our customers. A scenario such as the one described will never happen with an ACUPWR voltage transformer. 

We can also brag about our lifetime warranty: all ACUPWR products are guaranteed for life, and select transformer models come with up to $10,000 of damage protection in the rare event that they fail. In truth, we’ve never had to honor the latter as our transformer products will shut down automatically when overloaded. In fact, they’ll work for 20 percent beyond their stated wattage-handling rating in an emergency. That's a great safety net!

At the end of the day you’ll never go wrong with an ACUPWR product. Contact us anytime for outstanding customer service!

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  • Joe Kaminsky says...

    I am taking a Sub Zero IT-30CI 10 ft3 frig & 5 ft3 freezer to China that is 210 v 50 hz Which model step up transformer do I need?

    On October 02, 2016

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