The ACUPWR Papers

Noise Annoys

If you don’t like the sound of electrical hum, then don’t buy a Chinese-made voltage transformer/converter. They hum—loudly, something we’ve noticed in our own tests but also mentioned throughout reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces. Because of the cheap, corner-cutting build quality that goes into making them, and factoring their cheap parts such as aluminum wiring in their transformer coils, it shouldn’t be surprising that they buzz away excessively.

Try plugging in an American-made ACUPWR voltage transformer next to a Chinese model; the noisiness of the latter is huge contrast with the quietude of the ACUPWR model. Our voltage transformers/converters are hand-built with the finest parts and materials, resulting in noise-free operation. Our engineers also have the understanding about what causes transformer noise to effectively get rid of it. Plus we have a few proprietary tricks and processes up our sleeve that we can’t tell you about.

When all’s said and done, if voltage transformer noise annoys, ACUPWR will lower the volume.

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