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What is a Voltage Transformer?

A voltage transformer (also known as a potential transformer) is quite simply an instrument that is used to convert a higher voltage to a lower voltage or vice versa, but it is often the former when it comes to consumer use. When you step down your voltage, you are making it safer to use for home applications. ACUPWR offers voltage transformers for consumer-use, which is most often used to transform the voltage of an appliance, say a blender, into another voltage so that it can be used while traveling to different countries. Our voltage transformers are safe and reliable. Below, we'll take a further look at voltage transformers. Shop all of our electrical transformers online today! A LOOK AT A...

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Why in The World Are There So Many Different Plugs?

If you like to travel, you probably have a few international power converters lying around. It seems like almost every country has their own electric plugs and voltage limitations. Leave the dangerous Chinese-made converters in your online shopping cart and make the better choice. ACUPWR is here to provide you with safe, effective voltage transformers and plug converters to protect all your electronics, no matter where you are in the world. The real question, though, is why do we need international voltage transformers and plug converters? A War for Power It starts with the dawn of electricity. Thomas Edison, commonly known as the inventor of the light bulb, was the first person to effectively harness electricity for household use. He...

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