ACUPWR’s specialty transformers have features and functionality that go beyond the scope of our traditional step up and step down models 

They include:


  • ACUPWR 25-Volt Power Booster and 60 Hz to 50 Hz AC frequency converters. Available in 2300 watt/VA models (AB-25-2300W), 3500 watt/VA models (AB-25-3500W), 4600 watt/VA models(AB-25-4600W), 5800 watt/VA models (AB-25-5800W), and 7000 watt/VA models (AB-25-7000).


  • Custom-built Transformers manufactured to your specifications (minimum 30-40 unit orders only). Any choice of input and output receptacle including IEC C13, C5, C10 and other IEC receptacle types; Type B, F, G, G (Fused BS-1363) receptacles; NEMA 5-15R and 5-15P, 5-20R and 5-20P, 5-30R and 5-30P receptacles; and hardwire models for direct connection to junction boxes and terminal blocks. We can build transformers for converting any voltage combination and between 50 to 60 Hz or 60 Hz to 50 Hz.


  • AUPG step up 110-120-volt to 220-240-volt transformer with Type B input and NEMA 5-20R 20-amp output; ideal for using domestic, heavy-duty 220-240-volt appliances (such as high-BTU air conditioners) in a 110-120-volt wall receptacle (available in 1000-, 1500-, 2000-watt models)


  • 110-120 volts to 220-240 volts, vice-versa, step down/step up models with IEC C-13 (male) and C-14 (female) receptacles for IEC-compatible power cords with your choice of plug shapes.