AC Power Booster for Using 220-240-Volt/50 Hz Appliances with High-Power Motors via 60 Hz Outlets

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Product Description

It’s no secret that appliances with high-power motors such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and freezers require AC power with the exact AC frequency they were designed for, or their motors will turn slower, perform inefficiently, and ultimately burn out along with the electronics. For example, using 60 Hz electricity to power a 50 Hz motor will find the motor turning too slow (leading to burnout). The opposite holds true when using 50 Hz electricity to power a 60 Hz motor.


ACUPWR’s AB series Power Boosters provide a solution for anybody seeking to use a 220/230/240/250-volt/50 Hz high-power motor--and appliances that use them--in countries such as the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and anyplace with a 110-volt/60 Hz standard. The ABs come with a NEMA 6-15R receptacle and 6-15P output plug on the AB-25-2300W and AB-25-3500W models; NEMA 6-20R receptacle and 6-20P output plug on the AB-4600W model; and the AB-25-5800W 5800-watt and AB-25-7000W 7000-watt AB models connect via hardwire only. 


Although not a voltage converter, The AB models provide a 25-volt (10-percent) “kick” to 220-output (depending on whether the US wall voltage is 110, 115, 117, or 120 volts) with a step up transformer such as ACUPWR’s AU or AUD models, or a dedicated US 220-volt outlet. The net result allows a 50 Hz motor to perform at the exact revolutions per minute (RPMs) necessary for optimal performance without burnout. Without using the AB booster, voltage will not be sufficient to power European motors that require 230, 240, and even 250-volts for operation. In the end, large refrigerators that require 220-240 volts and 50 Hz, such as models from Sub-Zero, Miele, Bosch, and Gaggenau, can be used in countries with 110-volts/60 Hz.


The AB models consist of five models that accommodate different wattage requirements, including the AB-25-2300W (for maximum 2300-watt/VA loads); the AB-25-3500W (for 3500-watt/VA loads); the AB-25-4600W (for maximum 4600-watt/VA loads); AB-25-5800W (for 5800-watt/VA loads); and the AB-25-7000, and can be used the following ways:


  • The AB models can be used with a dedicated 208-220-volt/60 Hz receptacle (such as a NEMA 6-15R, 6-20R, and other types) and function as a 25-volt booster that will yield the equivalent RPMs that high power 50 Hz motors require for optimum performance and no burnout.


  • The AB models can be used in combination with ACUPWR AU or AUD step up transformer models that will convert 110 volts to 220 volts. From there, the AB unit will provide a 25-volt boost that will yield the equivalent RPMs that any 50 Hz motor requires for optimum performance and no burnout.

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