ACUPWR's NEMA chart can help you identify which NEMA plug or receptacle you have. These plugs are used throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and include plugs and receptacles that range from domestic size (NEMA 5-15R/P) up to the highest available amp and voltage requirements (NEMA 18-60R/P).

What Is NEMA?

NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, a trade association that represents makers of electrical products and medical imaging products manufactured within North America. More than 400 companies count themselves as members of NEMA, including General Electric, Philips, Siemens, and ACUPWR. NEMA has many functions, including:

  • Providing a forum for development of technical standards
  • Maintaining a set of core values that member companies adhere to
  • Gathering information pertaining to market data
  • Conducting education forums
  • Representing the electrical manufacturer community to the media
  • Acting as industry representatives advocating for legislation and government regulations that serve the industry’s needs

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