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What is a Voltage Transformer?

A voltage transformer (also known as a potential transformer) is quite simply an instrument that is used to convert a higher voltage to a lower voltage or vice versa, but it is often the former when it comes to consumer use. When you step down your voltage, you are making it safer to use for home applications.

ACUPWR offers voltage transformers for consumer-use, which is most often used to transform the voltage of an appliance, say a blender, into another voltage so that it can be used while traveling to different countries. Our voltage transformers are safe and reliable. Below, we'll take a further look at voltage transformers. Shop all of our electrical transformers online today!


Another way to describe a voltage transformer is a device that either stepsup or down electrical voltage via an electrical energy transfer between circuits, using the principles of electromagnetic induction.

When most people think of transformers, they think of the huge transformers they see when they are driving across this great country. These transformers convert the high electrical voltage that travels across power lines to the lower voltage that is safe to use in our homes. The reason for this is because as electricity travels over power lines, a lot of energy can be wasted due to the jiggling and crashing that occurs between the electrons in the atoms of the electrical current. By using higher voltages, the less energy is wasted, saving all of us money.

The energy you use varies in your home based on applications. Thus, your larger appliances, such as your refrigerator and washing machine, will require higher voltages of energy, such as 110-240, but your smaller appliances and cell phones require much less. These usually have electric transformers built in them (hence the box at the end).

When you travel not all countries use the same voltage, and you'll notice that the outlets are different as well. ACUPWR offers voltage transformers designed for international travel that are safe and reliable. This allows you to charge your cell phone overseas, or bring your blender along should you be moving. Our high-quality voltage transformers are made with the best components in the US and are quality tested before being shipped to you. We are committed to making your international travels easier by providing compact, voltage transformers for your use.


ACUPWR has been making the best power converters and electrical transformers since 1978. We take pride in being your go-to source for when you are traveling, taking one more thing off your plate as you are trying to remember what to pack. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our voltage transformers, as well as a lifetime offer on customer service. This means that if you have a problem with any electrical transformer you purchase from us, give us a call, and we'll get it fixed right away.

When you are looking for power converters, electrical transformers, surge protectors, and car inverters, ACUPWR has got you covered. Shop with us today!

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