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Why is ACUPWR More Expensive?

If you compare American-made ACUPWR voltage transformers and converters with Chinese models, you’ll notice our products are more expensive than every other brand. There’s a good explanation for this: Simply, ACUPWR’s products reflect the price of a superbly built, solid and dependable voltage transformer/converter--not a poorly manufactured, Chinese-made model (compare their features against ours).

We can mention things like supreme American workmanship and premium components. But it’s not only about quality; all Chinese models make claims can't deliver. For example, the Chinese-made Lite Fuze LT-1000 110/120 to 220-240 volts (and vice-versa) step up/down transformer claims to handle loads up to 5000 watts, and retails for $185.99. This model is designed to work with the typical, 15-amps maximum household wall socket common in the USA/Canada.

While the LT-5000 models might seem appealing on the exterior, you probably didn’t know that this unit can never live up to its claim of delivering 5000 watts into an American household? Using the formula of Watts / Line Voltage = Amps, the LT-5000 requires 45-amp capability at the wall outlet when you do the math: 5000 watts / 110 volts = 45 amps. As we mentioned, the most amperage that a 110-120 volts USA outlet can handle is 15 amps. Attempting to use the LT-5000 at full wattage in a 15 amp wall outlet will likely result in an electrical fire and damaged electronics. It's more a case of, Lite Fuze and run away. And if that doesn’t happen, it means the wattage rating is far below their specified capability. Furthermore, ACUPWR doesn’t manufacture a transformer for wall outlet for use beyond 2500 watts (with a power cord) for step down models and 2000 watts (with a power cord) for step up models, since increasing wattage capability for those models will exceed the 15-amp ability of 110-120 volts’ outlets.  Which, of course, isn’t safe.

A huge reason to avoid Chinese-made products: Their products might claim to deliver, for example, 5000 watts of continuous power, yet tests reveal that their products begin to smoke and catch on fire when the wattage load is well under the rated limit. ACUPWR models work continuously at their stated wattage and can handle 100-120-percent for continuous use. Additionally, our transformers can operate at 20-percent beyond stated wattage in the event of an emergency. Remember, too, that our models will never catch on fire due to thermal protection; they will simply shut down and return to operation after cooling down. Another reason for avoiding the Chinese models is their voltage inconsistency; If you use a Chinese model to convert 110-120 volts to 220-240, their unit will deliver approximately 190 volts without a load and 167 volts with a load.  Meanwhile, ACUPWR delivers the full voltage continuously.

We named our company ACUPWR because we deliver Accurate Power, and there’s something to be said about products made in the USA: the quality is better as a result of better workmanship and dedication to safety, reliability and 100-percent satisfaction.

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