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Using ACUPWR Voltage Stabilizers and Transformers with Medical Equipment

Medical equipment, because of its role saving lives and keeping people healthy, requires reliable, steady electricity without fluctuation and transients. This is particularly true when it’s being used in a country or region where electricity is sparse or varying in voltage. 

To be clear, this discussion pertains to low-voltage medical devices, 240 volts and under, and not large x-ray equipment and magnetic resonance devices used in hospitals; they typically require more than a thousand volts of electricity and have tremendous wattage requirements. Rather, our focus is limited to equipment such as defibrillators, autoclaves and sterilizers, vital signs monitors, incubators, portable anesthesia machines, and other devices that might be used in the field and for life-saving situations.

With that last point in mind, it’s hard to fathom the idea of not using a quality voltage stabilizer and voltage transformer when powering medical equipment. Although the majority of low-voltage medical equipment is designed for use with 220-240 volts electrical standards, there are many devices that use the 110-120 volts standard common to the USA and Canada. When used overseas, where the voltage standard is typically 220-240 volts, a step down voltage transformer will enable this equipment to function safely. For this, we recommend ACUPWR’s AD series of step down transformers. 

All of ACUPWR’s voltage transformers are manufactured in the USA using premium components such as copper wiring, and they’re assembled with the finest build quality anywhere. In fact, every unit is bench tested beyond their stated wattage capability before leaving the factory. Our products never catch on fire when overloaded; they simply shut down. Plus, you can actually go 20-percent beyond the stated wattage capability. Compare this with the cheaper Chinese transformers that seem ubiquitous—they’re renowned for burning out and worse—catching on fire—when they haven’t come anywhere close to wattage capacity.

Then there’s the issue of voltage stability; medical care requires reliable, steady line voltage, free of any spikes, surges, over- and under-voltage, ripples, and fluctuations. Unsteady and problematic voltage is a huge issue in third world and under-developed countries as well as more developed countries such as Italy and Brazil. For the purpose of voltage stabilization and line conditioning, ACUPWR manufactures the VS-2410 and 2420 voltage stabilizers/line conditioners.

Needless to say, lifesaving and medical equipment needs to be the most reliable and superior quality available. The same holds true for the equipment needed to provide electricity—safely and dependably. And it’s the underlying ethos of ACUPWR.

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