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Bake Me a Cake as Fast As You Can

We’ve noticed that a particular Japanese market Panasonic Home Bakery machine—the SD-BMT1000—has been getting popular in the USA. It’s a great machine, fully programmable and capable of baking bread (including gluten-free bread) and much more, such as udon, mocha, and rice bread amongst other delectables.

Panasonic’s SD-BMT1000 is loaded with features, such as a timer-controllable dispenser for fruit, nuts, and yeast, and 36 programmable settings for the recipe you wish to create—marble bread, brioche, French bread, cakes and pastries—you name it. It’ll create a loaf in one to three hours and comes with great accessories such as a baking pan with two kneading pans, a measuring cup and spoon, and a recipe book with great Japanese recipes. Being a Japanese-market product, the recipe book is written in Japanese so you’ll have to use a translation app (such as Google Translator) but it’s definitely worth it.

It beckons the question, why are we shilling for a Panasonic bread maker? It’s because this great machine is made for the Japanese market and therefore operates at 100 volts (the voltage amount in Japan). If you wish to use it here in the USA or Canada, you actually cannot simply plug this machine in: it will not work anywhere it’s full potential (particularly it’s heating ability). You need to convert the USA/Canada wall voltage (110-120 volts) down to 100 volts. Not doing so can actually damage the machine.

This is where ACUPWR can help. Our AJD model step-down transformers are made expressly for this kind of situation. And with the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 requiring 430 watts of electricity, we recommend our AJD-550 model, which can not only accommodate up to 550 watts—it’ll actually handle 120 percent above that amount. In the end, you’ll have a great Panasonic bakery machine at home in your American or Canadian kitchen. Just send us a loaf when you get around to it.

[Remember that all ACUPWR voltage transformers/converters are proudly made in the USA using the best components available and tested thoroughly before leaving the factory. They come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to work safely, reliably, and for decades--continuously.]

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