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See the Light With ACUPWR

A customer who purchased ACUPWR transformers in the past contacted us recently about using a 220-volt gooseneck desk lamp in Canada. She explained that the lamp was purchased at an antique show in Amsterdam and updated for use with an LED bulb. It also had a Type F Schuko plug.

Before we could suggest a compatible voltage transformer for her we realized an important and great thing about LED bulbs: they consume less than half the energy (i.e, wattage) than typical incandescent bulbs (which have been in use since the days of Thomas Edison). Example: according to, a 450 lumens bulb requires 40 watts of electricity for an incandescent bulb. However, an LED version of that bulb needs—at the most—only 9 watts.

You can see why LED bulbs are increasingly making it onto shopping lists; they’re powerful, efficient, and deliver a strong and clear light that’s easy on the eyes. Although they’ll currently run you about ten dollars each, they last for decades and well worth it over time.

Back to our customer; her new 220-volt lamp required three 40-watt bulbs that, altogether, consumed approximately 30 watts. Hence, we recommended (and ultimately sold to her) the ACUPWR AUP-50 step up transformer to convert the 110-120 volts standard to Canada up to the 220-240 volts, and capable of handling up to 50-watt loads. For larger-wattage LED bulbs, or for using multiple lamps with a surge-protected power strip (such as the ACUPWR Global Surge protector), she could also buy our AUP-80 and higher-wattage AUP models as she requires. And remember, our transformers are mountable so you can attach them (via screw) to a floor or someplace where they'll be out of sight. 

In the end, ACUPWR will help you see the light—even if it runs on 220.

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