The ACUPWR Papers

The Twenty-Percent Power Trip!

ACUPWR international voltage transformers are known for safety and reliability, the result of impeccable build quality (and premium parts) and our thermal protection circuit that automatically turns the unit off when it overheats.

The combination of excellent quality and the thermal protection circuit helps ACUPWR transformers do something that our competition doesn’t: we deliver the actual wattage that’s stated on the unit. So, if it’s our 500-watt  AD-500 model, you can really plug in a 500-watt appliance for safe, reliable, and continuous voltage conversion. A 750-watt ACUPWR transformer will deliver true 750-watt power.

Plus, ACUPWR transformers provide a 20-percent cushion beyond their stated wattage. So 1000 watts can actually handle 1,200 watts, 500 can handle 600 watts, etc. This feature guarantees safe operation at the stated wattage and the ability to withstand voltage surges and spikes or overvoltage/wattage caused by lightning and other anomalies. (Note that ACUPWR does not recommend using our transformers beyond their stated wattage: any damage incurred due to this misuse can void the warranty).

We highlight this ability because if you try to use a cheaply built, foreign-made model (such as the black box types you’ll find on Amazon) at or near their actual stated wattage, expect the unit to go up in flames. It’s why the companies making those products suggest that you purchase a transformer that’s “Two Times the Wattage”  of the wattage consumption of the appliance (or combined appliances) that you need to convert voltage for. This allows the necessary headroom to safely accommodate the wattage consumption of your appliance.


The question remains: Shouldn’t you be able to safely use a voltage transformer at the wattage stated directly on the actual product? Doesn’t it seem like a bait and switch? If your answer is “yes,” then our answer is ACUPWR!

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