1400-Watt Step-Down Transformer (AJD-1400)

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Product Description

Safely use your Japanese devices in the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

  • Converts 115 volts to 100 volts 
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Guaranteed for 120% of its stated wattage

Traveling abroad doesn’t have to mean leaving your favorite electronics at home. With ACUPWR, you can find the international power adapter you need and never worry about overload or overheating! Every one of our Tru-Watts™ devices can handle up to 120% of their stated wattage, unlike cheap, foreign-made models, and each one has a built-in thermal protection sensor to guard your devices against damage. With our AJD-1400 step-down transformer, you can bring your Japanese devices with you and never worry! Order yours today.

  • AC power only
  • Output: Type B (NEMA 5-15R)
  • Input: Type B (5-15P)

Not sure how much wattage you need? Explore our guide on voltage transformers to find the the perfect device.

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