1500-Watt Voltage Transformer (AHJ-1500EUD)

$ 1,349.99 $ 1,429.99


 Travel seamlessly to and from Japan with all your favorite electronics.

  • Converts 100 volts to 220–240 volts and vice versa
  • Choose the plug type you need
  • Guaranteed for 120 percent of its advertised wattage
  • Includes a lifetime warranty

If you’re a frequent traveler to and from Japan, then you need an international power converter you can trust. ACUPWR’s AHJ-1500EUD model is the two-in-one product you need, able to function as a step-up transformer or a step-down transformer to meet your needs, combining convenience with the safety and reliability ACUPWR is known for. Every single one of our Tru-Watts™ products can handle their advertised wattage and beyond, and each one is bench tested for quality before shipping. Order your ACUPWR voltage transformer today and experience the different for yourself!

  • AC power only
  • Output: Type B (NEMA 5-15R)
  • Input: IEC C13 receptacle
  • Use with a C14 power cord and your choice of input plug

Available Plug Types:

  • Type F
  • Type G
  • Type I
  • Type M
  • Type J
  • Type D
  • Type H
  • Type L
  • Type K
  • Type B

The AJ-EUD series is also available for a range of wattage needs: