4000 Tru-Watts™ Step Up/Step Down Hard-Wire Voltage With Knock-Out Box Housing for Whole-Home Conversions – Convert 110-120 volts to 220-240 volts, and Vice-Versa - ADUH-4000

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Product Description

Watch the video above to see for yourself why ACUPWR transformers are the world's safest, most energy efficient, and most reliable!


ACUPWR’s ADUH-4000 is a 4000-watt/volt amp step up/step down voltage transformer designed for whole-home voltage conversions from 110-120 volts to 220-240 volts and vice-versa. The transformer hard-wires directly to a circuit box via its knock-out box housing. [ACUPWR suggests using a qualified and licensed electrician for installation.] The ADUH-4000 is the perfect solution for expats and anybody else relocating to a new country with their appliances, electronics, and electrical devices. Its role is not limited to domestic situations and it’s equally at home in any environment, including offices, light manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, military and NGO applications, to name a few examples..


Why You’ll Love It…


American-Made Quality

The ADUH-4000 and all ACUPWR voltage transformers are manufactured in the USA with premium components that include copper wiring and silicon steel cores. All of our products are assembled by hand and bench-tested well beyond their stated wattage to ensure safety, reliability, and years of service.


Tru-Watts™ Power means "No Two-Times the Wattage" Rule

ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ voltage transformers are guaranteed to deliver electricity at and beyond their stated wattage capability. You would think this isn’t a big deal, but compare ACUPWR transformers with our foreign-made competition: they recommend that you buy transformer with twice or even three times the wattage capability--a rule of thumb commonly known as the "Two-Times the Wattage" rule--because their transformers are famous for breaking with loads that are well under their stated wattage, and also catching on fire and overheating (see our video above). With Tru-Watts™, offered only by ACUPWR, you only need to buy the transformer that offers the wattage capability required by your appliances.   


Overload Protection via Circuit Box

The ACUPWR ADUH-4000 relies on the household’s circuit box and its breaker to provide necessary overload protection.


Lifetime Warranty and Customer Support

ACUPWR products come with a lifetime warranty, up to $10,000 of damage protection, and ongoing customer support. 


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