750 Tru-Watts™ Step Up/Step Down Voltage Transformer - Use 127-Volt Appliances in 220-240-Volt Countries, and Vice-Versa – AS-750EUD

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Product Description

Watch the video above to see for yourself why ACUPWR transformers are the world's safest, most energy efficient, and most reliable!


ACUPWR’s Tru-Watts™ AS-750EUD is a 750-watt/volt amp step up/step down voltage transformer converts 127 volts to 220-240 volts and vice-versa, thereby allowing electrical devices that require either 127 or 220-240 volts to work safely in countries/regions with a 127- or  220-240-volt AC standard. (Countries using the 127-volt standard are Bonaire, Brazil, Curacao, Mexico, and Surinam.)


The AS-EUD series offers a practical power conversion solution that allows compatibility between cities and regions in Brazil that have a 127-volt or 220-240-volt AC standard. Moreover, it bridges the voltage gap between countries with a 127-volt AC standard and the two-thirds of the world that relies upon a 220-240-volt standard.


The AS-750EUD uses a NEMA 5-15R Type B output and an IEC C13 power cord input receptacle with a compatible power cord and a your choice of plug. ACUPWR offers power cords with the following plug types: Type F Schuko plug (used throughout Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa); Type M plug (South Africa), Type G fused BS-1363 plug (United Kingdom), Type B plug (Philippines, Peru), Type I plug (Australia, New Zealand), Type J plug (Switzerland), Type D plug (India), Type H plug (Israel), Type L plug (Italy and Chile), and Type K plug (Denmark).


Customers chose their desired power cord using the options on this page. If you’re unsure of the plug shape in the country you’ll be using the transformer in, please refer to our plug chart.


[Not sure how many watts your ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter should be? Consult our Which Voltage Transformer/Converter Do I Need? page.]   



Why You’ll Love It…


American-Made Quality

The AS-750EUD and all ACUPWR voltage transformers are manufactured in the USA with premium components that include copper wiring and silicon steel cores. All of our products are assembled by hand and bench-tested well beyond their stated wattage to ensure safety, reliability, and years of service.


Tru-Watts™ Power means "No Two-Times the Wattage" Rule

ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ voltage transformers are guaranteed to deliver electricity at and beyond their stated wattage capability. You would think this isn’t a big deal, but compare ACUPWR transformers with our foreign-made competition: they recommend that you buy transformer with twice or even three times the wattage capability--a rule of thumb common known as the "Two-Times the Wattage" rule--because their transformers are famous for breaking with loads that are well under their stated wattage, and also catching on fire and overheating (see our video above). With Tru-Watts™, offered only by ACUPWR, you only need to buy the transformer that offers the wattage capability required by your appliances. 


Thermal Protection Sensor

The key to our Tru-Watts™ capability is our proprietary thermal protection sensor. This feature serves as an overload breaker by detecting excessive heat caused by a wattage or voltage overload, and consequently turning the transformer off. The unit returns to operation when the overheating dissipates (approximately 30 minutes). Because of this 


Our thermal protection sensor makes ACUPWR the safest alternative to our competition's overload protection, which relies on an ordinary glass cartridge fuse that, as the above video demonstrates, often does not blow when their transformer is overloaded. Definitely unsafe!


Lifetime Warranty and Customer Support

ACUPWR products come with a lifetime warranty, up to $10,000 of damage protection, and ongoing customer support. 


The ACUPWR AJ-EUD series is also available in the following wattage sizes: 

500 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-500EUD model)

1000 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-1000EUD model)

1500 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-1500EUD model)

1800 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-1800EUD model)


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