Type C to Type A

$ 9.99


ACUPWR’s line of wall plug adapters let you use plug your appliance Type-C into a Type-A wall outlet.

Our TYPE-A model allows compatibility between appliances using Type-C plug shape and countries where the type C input is common, particularly India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and other regions.

Like all ACUPWR products, our plug adapters are made to last using the best materials and build quality. We’re so confident about this, it’s why we offer a lifetime warranty. We’re among the only companies that do this!

Please note: this product is a plug adapter only. It does not convert voltages! Never plug an appliance into an outlet that has a higher voltage than your appliance as it will destroy the appliance and potentially create a fire.

  • Input: Type C input compatible with India, Bangladesh, Botswana, Bhutan, Chad, Congo, Dominica, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Maldives, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe
  • Output: Type A output compatible with USA, Canada, Japan, Philippines and some regions of South America.