Horizon Video HV1080 PAL/NTSC/SECAM Video Converter with HDMI 1080p-Full HD with ACUPWR Plug Kit

$ 55.99 $ 169.99


Are you moving from an NTSC TV format country such as the USA, Japan, Mexico or Canada to a PAL TV format country such as the UK, Australia, Germany or Nigeria?
Do you want to continue using your existing NTSC audio-video equipment such as your NTSC TV or to connect a PAL Video Camera to the NTSC TV?
If so, the Horizon Audio-Video Converter is perfect for you.
It converts both ways. PAL Signal to NTSC Signal, NTSC signal to PAL signal.(NO BUILT IN TUNER)
Input: RCA (composite) or HDMI
Output: HDMI, Analog Stereo Audio & Digital Coaxial Audio output (Selectable 50 or 60 hertz to work with any TV: PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, NTSC, SECAM)

Exceptionally smooth audio-video conversion function between the World Wide Video formats NTSC & PAL; & working with virtually all analog video sources, Horizon Audio-Video Converter eliminates the need for buying multi-system TV sets, is perfect for international relocation & travel.
Not convinced? Here are some of its notable benefits: - Perfect conversion of World Wide Video formats NTSC, SECAM & PAL. - Converts PAL (50 Hz) to NTSC HDMI (60 Hz) 1080p; & NTSC (60 Hz) signals to PAL HDMI (50 Hz). - Easy-to-install audio-video converter with automatic signal detection
International Travel & Relocation: You can use your video equipment with it while traveling or relocating to a country using a different TV system.
You can install it on ships, planes & for many industrial & business applications.

UP-converts signals to HDMI 1080: This model Up-converts analog signals to Full HD 1080p quality. This "Up-conversion" means that as you convert your signal between PAL/NTSC at the same time you also enhance that signal to the highest resolution for HDTV. Up conversion works for all HDTVs that have an HDMI input. Works with any TV: PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, NTSC, SECAM.
Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!