Type F (Schuko) to Type I Plug Adapter SCH3ANGA

$ 28.99 $ 39.99


ACUPWR’s line of wall plug adapters let you use plug your appliance into any wall in the world, regardless of plug type!

Lightweight and compact, ACUPWR’s SCH3ANGA plug adapter allows electrical devices with a Type F (Schuko) plug (common in France, Germany, elsewhere in Europe, Asia, and other 220-240V countries throughout the world) to be used in countries that use a Type I plug and compatible receptacle. Those countries include Australia, New Zealand, China, and Argentina (visit worldstandards.eu for a complete list).

Like all ACUPWR products, our plug adapters are manufactured with the best materials and workmanship. They’re designed to last for years and we back them up with a lifetime warranty. The SCH3ANGA plug adapter is rated for a maximum of 250 volts/15 amps.

Please note: this product is a plug adapter only. It does not convert voltages! Never plug an appliance into an outlet that has a higher voltage than your appliance as it will destroy the appliance and potentially create a fire.