Universal to Type B Plug Adapter - SU-23W

$ 29.99


ACUPWR's SU-23W the South African Type M/BS 546 plug into the Type B plug commonly used in the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries. Manufactured for durability and years of reliability, the SU-23W features a universal output that uniquely accepts South Africa's unusual Type M plug and its large grounding pin. All other plugs used throughout the world will fit as well. Note that this plug adapter WILL NOT CONVERT voltage as required with 220-240-volt South African products. We suggest using an ACUPWR voltage transformer: the very best available!


  • Converts South Africa’s Type M/BS 546 plug (with large ground pin) into Type B plug used in North America
  • Universal input also accepts all other plug shapes used throughout the world
  • Superbly made with best materials
  • Lifetime warranty – guaranteed for life against workmanship
  • Ideal for using South African products in the USA, Canada and other countries using the Type B plug shape