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Safe, Reliable Voltage Conversion for the Whole Home (and family)

Voltage transformer/voltage converters can do plenty more than just allow low-wattage items like phone chargers and iPods to be used throughout the world; they can also convert an entire home, business, or manufacturing facility from 110-120 volts to 220-240 volts, and vice-versa—a very useful thing for anybody relocating to a region with a different voltage standard, as they can continue using their appliances and electronics from the “old country”! 

Of course, a 300-watt converter won’t be able to accommodate the power consumption needs of an entire home. For this you’ll require a particular kind of transformer known as a whole home transformer. As its name implies, the whole home converter converts voltage for the entire home, beginning at the circuit breaker. Whole home models are typically used within a knockout box (a metal box with holes that can be knocked out, allowing for wires or cords to run in and out of it) and they’re typically hand-wired directly to a circuit breaker. Once its up and running, all of the wall outlets in the home or building will be delivering electricity at the voltage (110-120 or 220-240) that you require.

An important distinction between the whole home transformer and other types is the former’s ability to handle very high power consumption demands. ACUPWR’s ADUH models, for example, range from 3000 to 6000 watt models, a necessity when you consider that homes use numerous appliances at a given moment. A vacuum cleaner usually consumes 500 watts when running. Lights, depending on the wattage of its bulb, can consume hundreds of watts at a time. Refrigerators? Add on 1200 watts. Thus, there can easily be thousands of watts being consumed at a time, warranting the the need for transformers that can handle heavy loads.

Whole home transformer/converters provide convenience for some while being a vital necessity for others. For anybody relocating overseas or across the border—temporarily or permanently—these transformers allow those appliances that you know, love, and are accustomed to to be used in your new home abroad. For anybody setting up a medical facility or shelter in a region affected by weather conditions or current events, the same scenario applies, perhaps minus the sentimentality. Medical equipment is of course very expensive and often difficult to obtain. In emergency and time-sensitive situations, when relief agencies or governments from a particular nation (and voltage standard) are donating medical equipment, the ability to get up and running in hours or less is essential. 

If purchasing a whole home voltage converter/transformer is in your future, there are some important things to consider. First and foremost is purchasing a quality model that isn’t manufactured in China. There’s a reason why the Chinese transformer/converters are less expensive than others, and it has everything to do with using inferior components that, in turn, yield unreliability and safety hazards. Almost all of the bargain basement Chinese transformer/converters uses aluminum wiring instead of copper, and they’ll almost always catch on fire when overloaded. Moreover, many Chinese brands advertise on their websites that you’ll need a model that can handle a 10,000 or 15,000-watt load, when most power lines can’t handle anywhere near the amperage produced for 10,000 or 15,000 watts. Simply, you likely won’t use half of that amount. 

Now we get to sound our trumpet; ACUPWR’s whole home step up/step down transformer/voltage converters are second to none when it comes to quality, reliability, longevity, and safety. They’re made in the USA using the finest components available, and they’re bench tested at full loads before leaving the factory. We’re so confident that our products are the best that we provide a lifetime warranty and damage coverage up to $10,000.

Shop ACUPWR’s ADUH Whole Home Step Up/Step Down Transformer/Converters.

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