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ACUPWR Introduces the AB Power Booster Series

What do you do when you relocate to the United States, Canada with a high-end European refrigerator model that operates on 220-250 volts and 50 Hz. Of course, AC voltage in the USA, Canada, Taiwan and other countries is 110-120 volts and 60 Hz? The motor in your luxury Gaggenau, Liebherr, Miele, Sub-Zero, or hip-looking SMEG refrigerator might need as much as 250 volts and 50 Hz AC to work efficiently and without burning out.

[Note that using a 60-Hz electricity for a high-power 50-Hz motor results in that motor turning too slowly and eventually burning out. (The opposite holds true when using a 60-Hz motor with 50-Hz AC.) And when that motor is used in an appliance such as a refrigerator or freezer, damage will occur to the electronics also.] 

Even if you use a dedicated 220-volt outlet in your 110-120-volt building or residence, that dedicated outlet will supply power that ranges from 208-220 volts, and the AC frequency will remain at 60 Hz. So what's the work-around? Answer: You boost your 208-220-volt/60 Hz electricity with one of ACUPWR's AB series Power Boosters

The AB Power Booster series provides a 25-volt (10-percent) “kick” that enables high-power 220-250-volt, 50 Hz motors to crank at the RPMs (revolutions per minute) they need for safe and efficient operation without burning out, but connected to a 208-220-volt, 60 Hz AC line. In other words, the motor will “think” it’s receiving 250-volt, 50 Hz electricity.

The ABs can also be used with a 110-120-volt, 60 Hz line by connecting the AB unit to an ACUPWR AU or AUC series step up (110-120-volts to 220-240 volts) transformer. With the AB unit adding its 25-volt boost on top of that, your high-power 220-250-volt, 50 Hz motor (and motorized appliances) will be happy.

The AB series consists of five models for different wattage requirements: AB-25-2300W (for maximum 2300-watt/VA loads); the AB-25-3500W (for 3500-watt/VA loads); the AB-25-4600W (for maximum 4600-watt/VA loads); AB-25-5800W (for 5800-watt/VA loads); and the AB-25-7000W (for maximum 7000-watt/VA loads). Input and output consists of a NEMA 6-15R receptacle and input on the AB-25-2300W and 3500W models; a NEMA 6-20R receptacle on the AB-25-4600W model; and via hardwiring for the 5800W and 7000W models).

In the end you can, indeed, bring those high-end, 220-250-volt, 50 Hz refrigerators to our shores. With ACUPWR and our AB Power Booster models they’ll work happily ever after.

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