750 Tru-Watts™ Refrigerator Voltage Transformer - Use 110-120-Volt/60 Hz Refrigerators/Coolers/Freezers with High-Power Motors in 220-240-Volt/50 Hz Countries (ADC-750), and (AUC-750)

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Product Description

Watch the video above to see for yourself why ACUPWR transformers are the world's safest, most energy efficient, and most reliable!



If you purchased a AUC model and your Appliance power cord is this plug type, G, C, J, L, D or I, please order this plug adapter by Clicking Here


ACUPWR’s Tru-Watts™ ADC-750 (step down) and AUC-750 (step up) voltage transformers convert voltage voltage from 220-240 volts to 110-120, and from 110-120 to 220-240, respectively, while also providing a solution for the AC line frequency compatibility. This transformer uniquely allows refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and any appliance with a high-power motor (including stand-alone motors themselves)  to be used in countries/regions with a different voltage and AC frequency standard. The ADC-750 and AUC-750 are rated for 750 watts/volt amps and ideal for refrigerators with up to 17 cubic feet of interior space. They come with a Type F Schuko input plug and NEMA 5-15R Type B output receptacle on the ADC-750, and a NEMA 5-15P Type B input plug and a Type F Schuko output receptacle on the AUC-750. 


High-power motors, on their own and when used in appliances, need to operate at the AC frequency they are designed for, or their motors will not turn at the necessary RPMs (revolutions per minute) for optimum efficiency. The ADC-750 step down and AUC-750 step up transformers provide a solution that allows 60 Hz or 50 Hz high-power motors to work at their required RPMs. (For a detailed explanation about AC line frequency, consult our article here). 


The ADC-750 and AUC-750 transformers enable you to relocate anywhere to any country with a 110-120-volt/60 Hz or 220-240-volt/50 Hz standard with an expensive refrigerator. Gone are the days when expats and military personnel had to leave expensive refrigerators at home. With the ADC and AUC transformers, there's no worry about AC frequency. 


[Not sure how many watts your ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter should be? Consult our Refrigerator/Freezers and Compatible ACUPWR Transformers  reference chart.]


[Note: ACUPWR strongly recommends using the AUC models with our AB power boosters. By adding an additional 10-percent of power to 220-240-volt AC, high-power European motors will receive the energy needed for their particular torque demands.] 


Why You’ll Love It


American-Made Quality

The ADC-750 and AUC-750 models, and all ACUPWR voltage transformers, are manufactured in the USA with premium components that include copper wiring and silicon steel cores. All of our products are assembled by hand and bench-tested well beyond their stated wattage to ensure safety, reliability, and years of service.


Tru-Watts™ Power means "No Two-Times the Wattage" Rule

ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ voltage transformers are guaranteed to deliver electricity at and beyond their stated wattage capability. You would think this isn’t a big deal, but compare ACUPWR transformers with our foreign-made competition: they recommend that you buy transformer with twice or even three times the wattage capability--a rule of thumb commonly known as the "Two-Times the Wattage" rule--because their transformers are famous for breaking with loads that are well under their stated wattage, and also catching on fire and overheating (see our video above). With Tru-Watts™, offered only by ACUPWR, you only need to buy the transformer that offers the wattage capability required by your appliances. 


Thermal Protection

The ACUPWR ADC-750 and AUC-750 use a thermal protection circuit that detects excessive heat caused by an overload. The circuit automatically turns off the transformer and restarts the unit when it has returned to normal operating temperature. 


Lifetime Warranty and Customer Support

ACUPWR products come with a lifetime warranty, up to $10,000 of damage protection, and ongoing customer support. 


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