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Your Passport to 220-240 Volts: The ACUPWR AC-20 Type B to Type F Plug Adapter

[Please note: This product is a plug adapter that allows a particular plug to be used in a non-compatible outlet. It is not a voltage transformer/converter. IT WILL NOT CONVERT VOLTAGE! If you are traveling with a device that needs conversion to the voltage in the country you will be traveling to, you will need a step-up or step-down voltage transformer/converter such as the models manufactured by ACUPWR. View our ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter products here.]

ACUPWR’s most popular plug adapter is our AC-20 model. It’s the perfect companion for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, PC laptops, Android, Blackberry, and tablet, allowing them to recharge their batteries anywhere in the world. This solidly constructed, grounded adapter pretty much opens up the world for anybody needing to plug in any electronic device with a Type B plug (common in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, and many other countries) in a country that uses the Type F Schuko plugs that are increasingly common to many 220-240V countries and regions (Europe and Asia in particular). You can search here to find out which countries accept a Type F Schuko plug. It’s worth mentioning that the ACUPWR AC-20 also works with non-grounded Type A and Type C plugs that are the non-grounded versions of the Type B and Type F plugs.

Why is the ACUPWR AC-20 so popular? The answer has everything to do with how people travel nowadays. They often bring things like phones, cameras, iPads, laptops, and other electronics. Typically, these products have dual-voltage power supplies that can accept all the voltage and line frequency standards used throughout the globe (50 or 60 Hz and 110 to 240 volts), so the only thing travelers actually need is an adapter such as the AC-20 which allows them to plug their power supply into the wall.

The ACUPWR AC-20 is particularly popular with students doing semesters abroad, and the Schuko Type F plug shape is accepted in popular student destinations steeped in museum culture, such as Spain, Italy, and Holland. Customer reviews on Amazon praise the ACUPWR AC-20 for its dependability and packaging: it comes in a red mesh bag that makes it easy to stand out when thrown in a suitcase or duffel.

World travelers will discover that the AC-20 plug adapter is almost as indispensable as your passport!

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