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Five Great Ways That Splurging on an ACUPWR Voltage Transformer/Converter Will Save You $$$$

If you’ve shopped for an international voltage transformer on Amazon, you know that there are hundreds of models and more than a dozen brands, most of which look identical, and many actually come from the same Chinese factory. ACUPWR voltage transformers are the only brand available that are made in the USA using only the best components. We’re also the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty and top-notch customer service. ACUPWR transformers are more expensive than our competition, but we don’t make promises we can’t deliver. Here are 5 ways that choosing us over them will save you money in the long run.

1. Forget about the “Two-Times the Wattage” Rule. There’s an unofficial industry standard regarding how to determine exactly how much the wattage size of the voltage transformer you will be buying. It goes like this: If you have a 500-watt appliance, buy a 1000-watt voltage transformer. Why? This is how the manufacturers of cheap “Black Box” voltage transformers cover up shoddy workmanship and cheap parts. In reality, if you use the full 500-watts offered by a “500-watt” black box model, the thing will blow up. Even with their fuse circuit breakers, they can take down your appliances and create a hazardous situation.

With ACUPWR voltage transformers, 500-watts means 500 watts and you don’t need to use the “two-times” rule to get what’s stated on the product. Actually, our voltage transformers can safely handle 20-percent over the stated wattage. We don’t use fuses but a proprietary thermal protection circuit that automatically shuts the transformer off if and when it’s overloaded. In the end, you won’t have to spend more to get the wattage you actually need.

2. Quality Means Not Having to Replace Your Voltage Transformer Every Six Months. ACUPWR voltage transformers are built to last for decades. We’re willing to bet that they can last for a century, at least, because they’re built like tanks. We hear quite often from new customers who’ve had frustrating experiences with cheap voltage transformers that barely last a few months, and catch on fire if you come anywhere near their wattage limit. Guess they weren’t aware of the “two-times the wattage” rule, but why should they have to? Our products cost a bit more but you’ll sleep better knowing that you won’t have to buy a new voltage transformer every few months.  

3. Moving Overseas? Take Your Appliances with You and Save a Bundle! If you’re relocating internationally to a country with a different voltage, that hardly means leaving your domestic appliances behind and having to purchase brand new ones. A logical alternative would be to ship the appliances via container to wherever you’re moving to, and then use them with an ACUPWR voltage transformer which, in turn, will step up or down the native voltage in your new country to accommodate your appliances. In the end this is a very cost-effective solution.

4. Save $$$ With out Lifetime Warranty and Damage Coverage. When you invest in an ACUPWR voltage transformer, you’re getting a voltage transformer that’s guaranteed to last indefinitely. If it breaks down after 5, 10, even 20 years we’ll fix or replace it free of charge. Your expense is shipping the unit to us. We also provide up to $10,000 of damage coverage (certain models only) should your appliances become damaged or unusable due to the failure of an ACUPWR voltage transformer. Frankly, no other voltage transformer company offers that kind of warranty. We do, knowing that we likely will never have to honor it.

5. Go ahead and buy the less-expensive, foreign-voltage product and use it wherever you live. Sometimes deals show up that make it worthwhile to buy an electrical product designed for use at a different voltage than where you live. This was the case with a customer here in the USA who found a deal on a high-end, Japanese-made Luxman hi-fi amplifier that was designed for Japan’s 100V voltage standard. By purchasing the Japan-voltage version of the Luxman amp along with an ACUPWR AJD 110-120V to 110V step-down transformer, this customer saved more than $1,000. He knew about ACUPWR’s great reputation with audiophiles and saved some bills while knowing that his Luxman amp was powered with help from the safest, most reliable voltage converter out there.


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