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Transformers Get Warm…Don’t Panic!

An ACUPWR customer contacted us in a state of panic because her voltage transformer was getting significantly warm. Not warm enough to fry an egg on, but definitely warm to the touch.

It’s perfectly appropriate that her AUD model transformer was warm because wherever there is electricity, there’s also heat—like where there’s smoke there’s fire, and thunder and lightning, and other dualities in life. Electricity is the result of subatomic particles—electrons and protons—that are charged either positively (protons) or negatively (electrons) and interacting with each other. Protons attract electrons and vice-versa. Two protons or two electrons are repellent to each other, as are two negatively charged electrons. Opposites attract, right?

The interaction of protons and electrons creates electromagnetic charge or electrical current, that moves. The current flow of electrons and protons creates heat—simple as that. This accounts for the transformer’s warmth, and it’s similar to the warmth that exists with power supplies for computers and other electronics. 

We should note that the harder the transformer is working, the warmer it will get. It it ever gets so warm that you can’t keep your fingers on it after 10 seconds or so, it’s possible that an overload condition is occurring. When that happens, your ACUPWR transformer will automatically shut off and return to operation when it returns to normal, warm, operating temperature (an indication that the overload has been fixed). This capability distinguishes ACUPWR voltage transformers from our foreign-made competition; they rely on cheap fuses for circuit breakers. ACUPWR uses a thermal protection circuit that’s countless times safer.

Remember, ACUPWR voltage transformers are the safest and most reliable transformers available. And they come with a lifetime warranty.

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