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Choice of voltage on the go: ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter

A car inverter is a great item to have for bringing the comfort and convenience of your favorite appliances on long road trips away from home. 

And with a universal plug receptacle and the choice of either 120V or 220V power, ACUPWR's 350-Watt Car Travel Inverter is the perfect tool for using your electronics, no no matter what country you are in, within the luxury of a car. Simply plug the car inverter into your car's cigarette lighter, select either 120V or 220V power on the slider, and you are good to go!

Everything from small TV's, game systems, laptops, and hair dryers can work with the Car Travel Inverter (provided they use no more than 350-watts and are safe to use within a vehicle). And most importantly, because you can choose which voltage standard setting you want to use, ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter gives you a higher range of possible appliances to use than pretty much anything else on the market. Add in ACUPWR's amazing safety standards and our lifetime warranty to the package, and you have yourself an outstanding, reliable product you know you can always depend on.

Do you want to set-up small kitchen appliances while camping out in the woods? Do you want to entertain the kids with a television on the road? Do you need to have your laptop charged and ready to go the moment you step out of your vehicle? Well, you certainly can have all that with our car inverter!

Take a look at the amazon reviews of cheaper, lower-end car inverters and you will realize that units randomly breaking down is not uncommon. And that sudden failure can really put a painful nail of inconvenience while you are a long way from home and were counting on your car inverter the most. ACUPWR's Travel Car Inverter comes with the safety standards and reliability one comes to expect from our brand.

It is the perfect product for camping, long road trips (domestic or abroad!), or keeping the kids entertained on long drives. Wherever you go, bring your choice of voltage with you too! 

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