The ACUPWR Papers

Tested to Absolute Perfection

You may have heard that each and every individual ACUPWR transformer is tested to work up to 20% more wattage before it is shipped out of our warehouse. But you should also know that the gamut of performance and safety tests that a transformer has to pass before reaching your home doesn't end there.

Here are some of the other things that every one of our transformers will go through:

  • The output voltage is measured to be within the range that the transformer is meant for and that said specified voltage range is able to be sustained indefinitely safely.
  • The transformer's exciting current, the amount of amperes needed to overcome the steel core's internal resistance and actually power up the transformer, is tested to make sure it meets our safety and efficiency criteria.
  • A Dieletric Withstand Test (also known as a Hipot Test) -- a high-voltage test meant to ensure that users cannot get shocked or otherwise harmed while the transformer is within its proper usage terms -- is performed.
  • The transformer coils are tested to ensure their DC resistance meets our standards.
  • We ensure that the wattage loss of the transformer is within our specific standards. Many lower-end transformers will perform hotter than our units and with an audible hum. Because of our choice of materials (the laminated steel plates in the transformer core, for example), our transformers are able to run cooler and quieter than anything else on the market.
  • We also test the ground resistance of the transformer to ensure that it complies with National Electrical Code's requirements.

We carry out these variety of tests because we care deeply about the performance of each unit before we put our name to it. You will not find any of those extensive examinations performed on cheap, Asian-made transformers. Such units are designed to be pumped out of factory floors and into a buyer's hands as quickly as possible. The companies making and selling those units give little regard to safety or efficiency standards because they do not care if their unit will stand the test of time.

The result? A cheap, inefficient transformer that poses a danger to your safety and property.

Only ACUPWR transformers pass every examination with flying colors. Only ACUPWR transformers are tested to their absolute perfection.

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