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ACUPWR Loves the Philippines

Unbelievable landscapes, active volcanoes, coral reefs and turquoise water, out-of-this-world cuisine…we must be talking about the Philippines. This huge tourist destination also appeals to expats seeking a new home in a setting that’s as close to paradise as one can get.

On the flipside, while its government is somewhat precarious, the Philippines have nonetheless embraced industry: science and manufacturing have mobilized forward and the country has become a major producer of the world’s electronic goods, semiconductors, garments, mining products, food products, and much more. The Philippines offers the world a bounty of natural resources and skilled labor that contribute to the island nation’s steady growth.

From ACUPWR’s purview, we’ve observed an uptick in orders placed from the Philippines along with shipments going there. It’s a country with a 220/240-volt, 50 Hz electrical standard that nonetheless relies on many 110/120-volt products, thus making it the perfect candidate for ACUPWR’s voltage transformers. We make the finest, safest, and most reliable voltage transformers for converting 110/120-volt products to meet 220/240-volt standards, specifically our AD Step Down models and our ADC Step Down series that also converts AC frequency and allows large-motor appliances such as refrigerators and washers/dryers to work at optimum capability. 

So, whether you’re relocating to the Philippines, setting up a business in the Philippines, or taking the scuba and kayaking adventure of your dreams in the Philippines, ACUPWR will bring the power to your 110/120-volt electronics and appliances.

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