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Do I Need A Voltage Converter Or Transformer To Use 100-Volt (Japanese) Appliances And Devices In The USA/Canada, And Vice-Versa?

You might be thinking, "What’s a few volts difference in the grand scheme of things?" You might want to think twice.

If you’re planning on taking American/Canadian appliances (rated for 110-120 volts’ power) to Japan, or bringing Japanese appliances (designed for 100 volt power) to the USA and Canada, an ACUPWR voltage transformer is guaranteed to hep your appliance work flawlessly.

Keep in mind, Japan uses the same-shaped plugs that we use in the US and Canada, and their voltage standard is a difference of only 10 to 25 volts. Despite that small difference, the voltage gap is quite significant. This is particularly the case with older products that require heat to do their jobs—products such as hair dryers, microwaves, and electric heaters, to name a few. Electronics, especially digital, behave quirky and do weird things. Of course, if you use a 100-volt device in a 120-volt environment, the over-voltage can cause serious harm to your appliance.

The fact is, the 10 to 25 volt difference results in poor performance as a result of the appliance or device not getting the necessary power. Electric motors will turn slower if at all, which can result in burnout and a possible electrical fire. Meanwhile heating elements in light bulbs and tubes are greatly compromised. The same rules generally apply when bringing Japanese (100 volt) products to the USA and Canada.

In sum, you don't have to leave that 100-volt Japanese rice cooker or bread machine back in Japan. You can use an ACUPWR AJD-series step down voltage transformer or an AJU-series step up model to bridge the gap between Japan and USA/Canada. For appliances that require 220-240 volts, our AJ-EUD series converts voltage between Japan's 100 volts and 220-240 volts. Remember that ACUPWR transformers are built in the USA using premium components and workmanship--safe, reliable, and built to last. We even offer a lifetime warranty and $10,000 damage coverage. We dare you to find a company that stands by its products the way we stand by ours!

  • Chris King says...

    Hi, can you offer some advice? I just realized I did something dumb. I bought a American manufactured TV in the States off of eBay because of the good price. But I’m living in Japan (if you can believe it) and the power outlets are set at 100 Volts. Will this supply the power necessary to operated my new 42" Vizio 4K TV, or am I now in for a world of disappointment? I’ve searched the net near and far and can’t find the answer. Thanks for reading.

    Chris from Canada

    On April 19, 2017

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