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ACUPWR Makes the IEC Connection

More and more electronic devices, from desktop computers to home theater amps to musical instrument amps to LED TVs, use IEC C13 receptacles and a detachable cord for the electrical connection to the wall. The detachable cord features an IEC C14 plug compatible with the device’s C13 receptacle and an input plug for the wall socket. Of course, that input plug can be one of the 15 different types used throughout the world with the only requirement being compatible voltage with the appliance.  

The convenience of the IEC C13/C14 receptacle/cord arrangement is a no-brainer for manufacturers not to mention end users. For one thing, having a detachable cord is a great thing especially if you don’t want to trip and possibly break your neck. Seriously, it’s intelligent design that makes sense. Then there’s the versatility of using your electronic device anywhere in the world thanks to a detachable plug with the plug shape you’ll need.

The intelligent IEC C13/C14 arrangement makes perfect sense for select models of ACUPWR voltage transformers. Hence, look for it on our AD models (220-240V to 110-120V) and the combination AUD (220-240V to 110-120V, and vice-versa) models 500 watts and greater. Considering that the majority of vastly different plug shapes exist in countries with 220-240 voltage standards, the IEC receptacle and compatible cord is an ideal situation . Rather than use plug adapters that often get lost, the end-user can choose the compatible AC cord with the plug type they need.

Recently, we had an online chat conversation with a client using a 230-volt APC surge protector rack with eight IEC C13 outputs. He needed to connect one of the outputs to a step-down transformer to convert power down to 110-120 volts. So, in the end, we supplied him with an IEC C13-equipped ACUPWR AD model transformer and a power cord with two C14 inputs that allowed for connection between the surge protector’s C13 receptacle and the C13 on the AD transformer. 

And everybody slept easy that night.

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