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Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar in Denmark

While doing research about who uses voltage transformer, we stumbled upon a particular niche: musicians. Rarely do they ever perform without their "ol’ reliables"—the musical instrument that’s been with them during conservatory and auditions for a coveted chair in a symphony. Tone and playability is everything with a professional caliber violin, oboe, even electric guitar.

That’s right: rock and roll animals have the same kind of fetish about their instruments, and vintage examples resonate and play with a broken-in quality that contribute to their < $10K price tags, not to mention collectibility and other factors. With instruments such as electric guitars, basses, and keyboards, some kind of amplification is necessary. For guitarists, amps are nearly as important as the guitars when it comes to tone, and many continue to use delicate, vintage, tube-driven models built by legendary companies such as Fender and Magnatone more than a half-century ago. 

Do new “boutique” amps sound great? For the $3-4 grand they command, they better and in most cases they do. Still, there’s something about the sound of those vintage amps that makes somebody like Rolling Stone Keith Richards haul two mid- ‘50s Fender Twins around the world. Like other amps of that vintage, their power supplies accept only 110-120 volts, posing a voltage conversion dilemma for Keith’s guitar tech. His solution is custom-manufactured voltage transformers with taps for the four voltage standards deployed throughout the world.

So, the rich and famous rock and roll legends have voltage converters made just for them, but where does that leave the rest of us? How about with the safest, most reliable, no b.s. voltage transformers available: ACUPWR!

There was a time when audiophiles and musicians were advised to leave their tube electronics back in the countries where they were designed to work. In the past, voltage transformers had a bad repuation due to the lousy quality and performance of imported models the Far East. High-end audio salesmen and boutique guitar amp builders advised against using them for fixed-voltage products.

Our transformers don’t use fuses; instead we use a proprietary a thermal protection circuit that automatically shuts down the transformer if it overheats. They’re guaranteed not to break down, catch on fire, put on a fireworks display, and heaven forbid destroy your beloved audio or instrument amplifier. We’re confident about that—enough that our products are guaranteed for life and come with $10,000 damage coverage.

Use an ACUPWR AD Step Down or AU Step Up voltage transformer in combination with a reliable voltage stabilizer (such as ACUPWR’s VS-2410 and VS-2420 models) and you’re in business.

Now shut up and play yer guitar in Denmark!

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