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Difference between step down refrigerator cooling device transformer and regular transformer

Is any general voltage transformer good enough for refrigeration appliances?

The answer is no!

You can find voltage converters and transformers available to convert nearly any type of voltage for major appliances. When it comes to refrigeration technology however you can often damage appliances by using the wrong transformer. Rather than potentially risking damage on an expensive piece of refrigeration technology like a cooler or double door refrigerator you should strongly consider getting the converter.

While buying a cheap transformer may save you a few dollars up front, when it comes to an appliance that's worth thousands of dollars it's best to get equipment that's capable of converting the electricity Voltage and speed (Hertz).

Our high-quality refrigerator cooling device electric transformers are capable of using 220 V condition to power 110 V appliances. Our specialty cooling transformers actually change the speed of electricity through Hertz to maintain the performance of any refrigeration device. The main issue with general transformers is that they do not adjust the Hertz rate and this in effect can slow down refrigerator performance and actually damage the unit over time. Our transformers are capable of adjusting the speed of electricity to the proper rate for your device. With the ability to convert 110 V to 60 Hz speed and 220 V to 50 Hz speed we maintain the performance of your appliances over the long term and ensure that your freezers and cooling devices will not be subject to expensive repairs due to using the wrong transformer.

If you need a quality and efficient solution for converting power with support for a variety of foreign outlets, ACUPWR is just what you are looking for. With a massive selection of transformers, voltage stabilizers, surge protectors and plug adapters please feel free to browse through our ACUPWR catalog. Our electric voltage converters are made in the USA, which means they are made with the highest quality material built for long term use.

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