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UL Certification: What does it mean? Why is it important?

Underwriters Laboratories, better known as UL, has existed since 1894 for the express purpose of “promoting safe living and working environments.” UL provides a diverse range of important services, including the establishment of safety and environmental standards, codes, and requirements.

Manufacturers of quality products typically seek UL approval; it means their goods have been tested to meet UL’s benchmarks, and hence are superior quality. According to UL, the typical American home has an average of 125 products bearing the familiar UL stamp of approval in a visible place. You’ve seen plenty of them, we’re sure.

One place you won’t find the UL stamp is on cheap, Chinese-manufactured voltage converters that are built with inferior components, such as aluminum wire. These products are notorious for catching fire, even exploding, when confronted with wattage and amerage loads they can’t handle.

Currently, all ACUPWR transformer/voltage converters are either awaiting UL approval, and the following models are presently UL certified: AD-500, AD-750, AD-1000, AD-1500, and some older models not currently in production. Note that  all ACUPWR transformers are the same in essence, with the only variations being the amount of wiring used (to accommodate wattage variation) and plug/receptacle types. The same quality workmanship and components used in the currently UL-approved models exist in all of our transformers. 

In sum, having UL certification for all of ACUPWR products further establishes what we already know; you’re getting the safest, best made, most reliable, and most long-lasting voltage converter around…all of ACUPWR’s voltage transformers are manufactured in the USA, fully inspected, and bench tested at full load before leaving the factory.

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