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Customized Voltage Transformers, Built for Your Specific Needs

If you don’t see the voltage transformer/converter that suits your needs, don’t fret: we can build precisely what you’re looking for. Examples include step-up/step-down variations that transform between 220-240 volts and 127-130 volts, that we created for a customer in Brazil. Another example is a live sound touring company that required a few 220-240 volt to 100-volt step-down model to be used in Japan.

Amongst our offerings are hermetically sealed, water-proof transformers in any wattage size up to 16,000 watts, in step up or step down (or dual operation) configurations, and various voltage transfers. Need a hermetically sealed 127-130 volts to 220-240 volts model? No problem! Need a special plug and input like a Type I plug and a Schuko Type F input. We can build that. 

ACUPWR can also manufacture an isolation voltage transformer/converter in any size and configuration. These models separate the transformer and its load from the AC line voltage and all other circuits, and therefore isolate it from ground loops and external noise. We can also make three-phase models for higher-wattage loads, particularly when using larger, self-starting motors. The constant flow of electricity offered by three-phase AC results in much smoother and noise-free operation of larger motors. Toward this end, we can build a voltage transformer that will step up or step down the AC to three-phase electricity in the same or different voltage standard—and at any wattage up to 16,000 watts.

In the end it comes down to your needs. ACUPWR is always here to help. Call us at 888-600-9770 (domestic only) or +1 414-255-8462 (international); email us at; live chat with us via this website. We’re here to help!

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