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ACUPWR Hermetically Sealed Voltage Transformers

All transformers perform a same essential function by converting electricity in some way, shape, and form. It could be converting AC to DC, or from one voltage level to another, and so on. Hundreds of different kinds of transformers exist, including the international voltage transformers and converters that we make at ACUPWR.

All transformers can be modified for various applications, and one such example is a process called hermetic sealing. Here, the transformer’s tank, which contains viscous liquid—usually oil—is completely airtight, sealed, and thus protected from harsh weather and environmental factors. These factors also include dust, pollution, steam, mold, and extreme cold or heat.

Hermetically sealed transformers are noticeable in electrical substations and elsewhere along the power grid. They’re distinctive by having “fins” that project from their sides to allow expansion in extreme heat conditions. Meanwhile, ACUPWR offers its entire line of voltage transformers and converters in hermetically sealed versions for an upcharge of $1,200. We have built these versions for NASA and the military, both of whom needed transformers that would be immune to extreme heat. Essentially, however, our hermetically sealed versions are ideal for any situation that requires protection from the elements.

Among the ACUPWR line, a particularly useful choice for hermetic sealing is the ADUH whole-home and ADUW hard-wire/knockout box models. These particular transformers are typically placed away from the living area—with the ADUW’s it can be within walls near a junction box or within the actual appliance, while the ADUH models can be within walls or near a circuit breaker. Hence, they might be exposed to moisture, steam, dust, mold, and other environmental factors. Perhaps you just want to protect your voltage transformer from a thunderstorm.

Whatever your situation might be, call us (888-600-9770) or email us ( to discuss ordering a hermetically sealed ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter.

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