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ACUPWR Global Surge Protectors and Voltage Stabilizers/Line Conditioners

It’s a known fact that many countries, especially developing ones, don’t have the infrastructure to provide steady, stable and clean AC power to their populations. For example, voltages can fluctuate wildly in places like Brazil; normal AC power is 130 volts but it can swing up to 160 volts or more. Argentina’s AC is normally 220-240 volts but fluctuations typically bring it up to 280. This situation is frequent in Africa, India, the Mideast, and elsewhere. Note that these over-voltages aren’t just millisecond-long surges but often continuous enough to damage or destroy your appliances. 

Another factor with unsteady line voltage is transients—essentially voltage surges or spikes Appliances and electronics can often withstand some over-voltage, and by “some” we mean 10-20 volts over the upper-end of the operating range. A spike can be hundreds of volts above the operating range. It can render valuable and sensitive electronics “toast” in seconds, and potentially create a fire. Line voltage can also fluctuate in the other direction when brownouts occur during the Summer, or when large electrical machinery turns on somewhere along the AC path. 

In the end, voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes can destroy things like clothes washers, refrigerators, and freezers, and also electronics such as 4K Smart TVs and your valuable computer. And, it’s the reason people use power strips with surge-protection ability, also and voltage stabilizers/line conditioners. ACUPWR manufactures both products, which we recommend using on their own and in combination with with our renowned international voltage transformers/converters. 

Our ACUPWR Global Surge Protector has six, universal inputs (capable of accepting any plug shape from throughout the world) and it’s available with a four-foot cord that can be fitted with any plug type. Regarding surge protection, it will suppress 750 volts. essential for using computers, lab equipment, A/V equipment, and any valuable appliance and electronic device. 

Meanwhile, voltage stabilizers/line conditioners ensure that a steady, absolute stream of AC arrives at your appliances or electronic device at the voltage on which they were designed to run. ACUPWR’s VS-2420 and VS-2410 (2000- and 1000-watts respectively) voltage stabilizers/line conditioners use the same technology found in our voltage transformers to correct and stabilize incoming 220-240 volt AC through any over- or under-voltage, surges, and spikes. They will correct voltage drops and surges from 168 up to 278 volts, and provide 340 joules of suppression for voltage spikes. So, no matter what the power grid voltage is doing outside your home, the VS-2420 and 2410 will deliver that unwavering flow of 220! 

Setup for these devices is simple. Connect the voltage stabilizer directly to the wall receptacle so it can deliver steady 220-240 volts of AC.  From there you can connect an ACUPWR voltage transformer if you need to convert voltage from 220-240 volts to 100, 110-120, or 127-130 volts. You can skip the voltage transformer if you’re appliances run on 220-240. Lastly, plug your global surge protector into the the voltage transformer or the voltage stabilizer, and you’re in business—safe, secure, and steady.

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